Robotic Fabrication

"In this semester the Professorship for Architecture and Digital Fabrication continued to explore complex spatial aggregations and concentrated especially on robotic assembly of straight beam elements. These were assembled in orthogonal relation, using simple side-to-side connections without any extra joints. Although composed out of generic elements, the system has a capacity to build a wide range of complex configurations. Due to the additive assembly of multiple beam elements, differentiated and highly redundant structural systems were created that allowed specific investigations of new design and construction methods for complex truss structures. The students tested their design, structural and procedural constructive logics directly on robotic fabrication of model scale prototypes."

Chair of Fabio Gramazio / Matthias Kohler

Assistant: Luka Piskorec

In Collaboration with: Bettina Dobler / Ying Yi Tan

More information at Gramazio&Kohler

Publicated in the book "THE ROBOTIC TOUCH - How Robots Change Architecture"

Robotic Fabrication
Robotic Fabrication
Robotic Fabrication
Robotic Fabrication